Here are some of our clients who used our products. The list includes famous architects, luxurious hotel chains, and other multi-million dollar projects.

 Loden-Frey    SPORT1
  • Located in Munich, Germany
  • Used: HIFLEX
  • Located in Ismaning, Germany
  • Used: HIFLEX
 Haerle Residence    Fort De Soto Museum
  • Located in Gulfport, FL
  • Used: GAMMA 51, GAMMA 111, and DELTA 51
  • Located in Tierra Verde, FL
  • Used: HOSHI
 Florida Museum of Natural History    MGM Grand at Foxwoods
  • Located in Tierra Verde, FL
  • By the University of Florida
  • Used: NAU
  • Located in Ledyard, CT
  • 700 million dollar project
  • Used: NAMI 6
Joseph Wong Design Associates   Lufthansa
  • Located in San Diego, CA
  • Prominent architect
  • Used: DELTA 51
  • Recieved over 50 local and national awards
  • Located in Frankfurt, Germany
  • Used: HIFLEX
Telekom   Schiller Museum
  • Located in Germany
  • Telekom Shops
  • Used: KIDO
  • Located in Marbach, Germany
Mercure Hotels   Beluga Group
  • Located in Germany, France, Netherland
  • Used: HIFLEX
  • Located in Bremen, Germany
  • Used: HIFLEX
Cartier   Saks Fifth Avenue
  • Located in Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Used: HIFLEX
  • Located in Beverly Hills, CA
  • Used: HIFLEX
Reviera Resort   Viega
  • Located in Palm Springs, CA
  • Used: TOGARI
  • Located in Attendorn, Germany
  • Used: HIFLEX